My art collection has been created for everyone, of every age.  I believe that art is not just for fancy people.  We are all worthy of beautiful and meaningful art.

My artwork is described as whimsical, sweet, and romantic.  My signature female characters are playful women with charming vintage dresses, striped stockings, fun floral patterns, and everything in between.  At the heart of my artwork is a feeling of nostalgia.  It is like that warm, fuzzy emotion that we feel when we think of fond memories from our past.

I am a dreamer, vintage lover, and creator at heart.  I can be found enjoying the simple pleasures of life with my husband, two sons, and many pets in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

My inspirations come from everyday life. My paintings are my interpretations of beautiful women. These women are usually in motion - whether it be dancing, riding a bike, or just day to day life on the open prairies. The women may look different from painting to painting, but it is her soul that connects all of my work. She is graceful and free spirited. She lives a simple life and calls nature her home. She could be any age…17, 34, or 82…but it is her spirit that remains youthful.

In the fall of 2014, I transitioned from my full-time teaching career to pursuing my practice as an emerging artist. This transition was not intentional; instead, it was something of a serendipitous coincidence. Leading up to this transition, I struggled with postpartum depression.

My anxiety took over and I had a panic attack. I was forced to pause, take a leave from my job, and reflect on my life.

Looking back I now see that this day was a gift from God. It was the start of my journey to self discovery. During this break from the real world, I picked up a paintbrush and returned to my love of painting.

My first painting, Lucy in the Yellow Dress, was done at my kitchen table. As I painted, a creative energy flowed through me. It felt like a dance between myself, the water, and the paint. Something inside of me aligned and I found my authentic self.

I truly believe that we are meant for complicated journeys. Journeys of brokenness, vulnerability, and courage. I believe that you can create what your heart needs most.