Lucy In The Yellow Dress: Limited Edition Reproduction


In the fall of 2014, I transitioned from my full-time teaching career to pursuing my practice as an emerging artist. This transition was not intentional; instead, it was something of a serendipitous coincidence. Leading up to this transition, I struggled with postpartum depression. On November 3rd my anxiety took over and I had a panic attack. I was forced to pause, take a leave from my job, and reflect on my life. Looking back I now see that this day was a gift from God. It was the start of my journey to self discovery. During this break from the real world, I picked up a paintbrush and returned to my love of painting. My first painting, Lucy in the Yellow Dress, was done at my kitchen table. As I painted, a creative energy flowed through me. It felt like a dance between myself, the water, and the paint. Something inside of me aligned and I found my authentic self. I truly believe that we are meant for complicated journeys. Journeys of brokenness, vulnerability, and courage. I believe that you can create what your heart needs most.


Each limited edition canvas reproduction is professionally handcrafted using high quality gallery wrapped canvas. Each comes with a certificate of authenticity that is numbered and signed by Laura.


  • Canvas reproductions are shipped from Laura's partner in Ontario. 
  • UPS/CanPar Courier do not ship to box numbers. Please use a physical address and not a box number.
  • Please note that Laura will pass along your tracking number once it is ready to be shipped.